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Hello hello! My name is Angelo Sulbarán, and I was born and raised in Venezuela. I have been living in Chile since 2017. I’m very passionate about languages, especially interacting with teachers and students from other languages.
When I’m not in teaching mode, I enjoy listening to music and watching music videos of my favorite bands, as well as discovering new ones,
even in languages I don’t understand a word of. I’m kind of a frustrated artist, haha, and I love paying attention to music, its vocals, and visual productions. I also enjoy playing video games as a form of entertainment, especially on days when I’m a bit stressed or just want to disconnect from everything. Lately, I’ve also been going to the gym to take care of my health since I have a sedentary job and want to feel healthy.

Empathy is one of my most notable values. I believe we should put ourselves in the shoes of others not only to try to understand how they feel but also to be part of the change and support each other. From my very personal point of view, I see a bit of myself in every person and in every context, just as I feel that there is a bit of each person involved with me within myself. Therefore, respect and love always prevail in my relationships.
I undeniably love nature, and although I haven’t had the opportunity to travel and see the world, I greatly enjoy learning about it and the most beautiful places on the planet.
So far, I’ve only been fortunate enough to explore a small part of my country, Venezuela, a bit of Colombia, and a little of Chile. But I hope to visit many more countries, especially Finland, where learning Finnish is on my to-do list.
The people who have influenced my life the most are my grandmother, who passed away in early 2018 and whom I miss with every cell of my body. My cousin Lilianeth has always been an example to me due to her strong willpower, her outlook on life, her way of being, and above all, her intelligence. My friends (Patricia, Dicson, Carlos, and Sammy) have been away from me for over 5 years, but they have supported me from a distance and taught me a lot about life.

  I like reading biographies about my favorite singers, such as Tarja Turunen and Ronnie Radke. Two artists with very different lives, but they show me a lot about the reality outside of South America. 
And last but not least, my partner José Angel, who not only came to Chile to be with me but has also supported me in all my craziness and has been my unwavering support since he decided to be a part of my life.

There are also many of my former and current students who have not only been a big part of my life through friendship but have also taught me a lot and motivated me to pursue my dreams. In fact, the creation of this website and giving private lessons on my own has been largely thanks to them, their trust, and their love for my work. 
Alison, Kristel, Yelena, and Bhanu are the ones who motivated me the most to become independent and showcase my teaching skills to help everyone learn Spanish. Among other things, «Hablando de todo como los locos» (speaking of everything like crazy) as we say in Venezuela, I enjoy watching fictional series and anime.

It’s interesting because I’m not much into reading novels, as I prefer academic reading, but I love science fiction series, and the more unreal they are, the more I like them. In my life, I have three beautiful beings who make each day special: my partner José Angel and my two pets, my dog Clover and my kitten Xiăo. You will likely meet them in my classes because I’m very proud of them, and I love introducing them to my students. There’s never a dull day with them. One of my goals is to have the financial and time capacity to belong to or create a nonprofit organization to socially help people,

animals, and natural places in need. There’s something very special I want to share with you: in Venezuela, like many of my fellow countrymen, I went through very difficult situations that almost led me to give up on my studies, suffer from malnutrition, and, without exaggeration, face death. Fortunately, along my journey, there were people who, without me asking and without hesitation, offered me a helping hand and helped me continue with my career and indirectly leave the country. Thanks to that, I have a sense of gratitude towards the world and a desire to give back in any way possible. But if it can be in a significant way, I would feel much better and happier.

Well, for you who made it this far, I want to thank you, and I hope we can get to know each other, share more, and learn a lot together.
Hope to meet you soon!

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