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I am Angelo, a foreign language teacher, an entrepreneur and a lover of languages.
I am here to help you in your learning process and I’m eager to share with you all the amazing nuances of the Spanish language. Learning Spanish is not just about a language, it’s about the cultures and people that speak it and it gives you a new way to see the world.
Let’s get started!

I’m from Venezuela but I’m living in Chile. Teaching languages is my passion and I have been teaching Spanish for 5 years.

I have a degree from the Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela (ULA-Táchira) in foreign language education and I am certified by the University of Salamanca, Spain in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (PELE). 

Learn Spanish and a bit of my culture at the same time.

  • I believe that everyone can learn languages, and my mission is to teach Spanish with engaging content that is tailored and relevant to each student’s life.
  • I welcome students from all over the world and from all walks of life. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages and can provide opportunities in both professional and social settings regardless of their level (from A1 to C2)
  • Classes take place one on one via Zoom unless you’re local or visiting my city. In that case, I would love to take advantage of the opportunity to meet in person to explore and experience the culture of Chile firsthand!

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Learning Spanish has been a lifelong dream of mine! Prior to meeting Angelo I struggled to figure out the best way to do it. Meeting Angelo two years ago was a complete game changer for me. He is an experienced educator with years of practical knowledge of how to help people learn a language. He is patient, kind, thoughtful and regimented in his learning approach. As a busy professional with many competing priorities, having Angelo’s flexibility is critical for me to find time during the week to do the lessons and practice. In the span of two years I went from not speaking at all to intermediate level fluency. He is always pushing me and encouraging me to learn and have fun while I am learning. I recommend Angelo strongly. He is excellent.

Yelena J.

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«I always look forward to my lessons with Angelo as he makes them fun and enjoyable, whilst also having a clear direction to what we are going to learn»

Bristol, England.

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‘’Angelo has a very professional approach and his use of IT and software is excellent. I look forward to his classes, and he understands my needs very well. He gives me clear guidance for revision to keep me on track. I would highly recommend his classes!’’.

Bath, UK.

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«Angelo is very knowledgeable about Spanish and his passion for teaching comes through in his classes. They are super informative and I’ve been through a number of Spanish teacher’s before settling on sticking with Angelo. His style, knowledge, and passion for teaching shine through to make you learn fast and at the same time be enjoyable».

Guadalajara, Mexico.

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«I’ve been taking one on one Spanish lessons via Zoom, and it’s so gratifying to be able to mark my improvement! Angelo is an amazing teacher. He’s SO conscientious and intentional (he paces his speech based on what he knows the student can understand and also is very purposeful about his vocabulary choices!)
He uses a bunch of different exercises to keep lessons engaging and productive, and you can’t argue with his rates!»


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«Angelo had me at “hola!” From the first minute of meeting him, I knew I had found not only a marvelous teacher, but also a friend. Angelo knows his subject inside and out. And he has the patience of a saint. I never felt pressured, and he never made me feel bad about all my mistakes. What he did do was inspire me to learn. Studying with him improved my Spanish, and expanded my world. I believe Angelo is the best teacher!».

Amy Edelstein
New york.

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«My confidence when speaking Spanish with Angelo has really grown since having lessons with him. Angelo’s lessons are varied end enjoyable».

Bath, UK.


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